All Standards Are Not Created Equal: A Comparative Review of Global Welding Standards

  • Program
  • Room 2GH East
  • September 13 2018
  • 3:00 pm - 3:35 pm

The purpose of this presentation is to provide the audience with a comparative review of these welding standards used in Canada, in the USA, and in Europe including their general requirements and their similarities and key differences. In Canada and the USA, welding requirements are typically driven by building codes and product standards, while in Europe, welding requirements are typically driven by legislation.

As the only national third party certification body in Canada serving the welding industry, the CWB Group is involved in all aspects of welding standardization and this presentation will describe the connections between building codes and legislation and the welding requirements and to provide some examples showing the requirements for qualification of welding personnel & procedures specified in these standards. The objective is to assist in industry in the understanding of the differences between requirements to avoid non-compliance to requirements, avoid unnecessary costs, and to assist industry in Canada in demonstrating that CSA standards meet or exceed certain requirements of US and/or ISO standards.