Success Stories and Challenges of Welder Training in Developing Nations – Ghana, Africa

  • Program
  • Room 2F East
  • September 12 2018
  • 2:30 pm - 2:55 pm

In August of 2017, Max Ceron went to Ghana Africa for 8 weeks to participate in the development of a welding training program. This partnership was facilitated between the Ghana government, the World Bank, CPI Training, Western Coast Regional Foundation and Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

The goal, to set up a system that can be run independently by the Ghana Trades Commission in order to supply the local Ghana industry with top quality trades persons that can produce to internationally accepted standards. The vision, to establish Ghanaian Trades Standards that will be developed nationally and be recognized internationally as conforming to established welding standards. The process included commissioning and setting up a proper education facility in the Kikam Technical Institute facility. Training existing and new instructors in the use of new machinery. Developing rubrics for instructors to use and training 20 welders from Golden Star Gold Mine in a variety of processes. The end result was a pedagogical system that would be easily adaptable, and industry partners would see reduced downtime and lowered costs of employment by being able to hire local skilled workers. Questions that arise: How does one get into International work? What education, skills are needed for international work? What does one expect to teach or learn from these experiences?