Automated Anchor Rod Welding System

  • Program
  • Room 2E East
  • September 12 2018
  • 2:30 pm - 2:55 pm

Supreme Group is currently constructing Rainier Square Tower in downtown Seattle. For this structure, over 350,000 individual anchor rods need to be welded on both sides with a consistent fillet weld size for the concrete-filled composite plate shear walls. Given the large volumes of anchor rods necessary for the fabrication of the skyscraper and the relatively simple nature of the weld, an automated welding system is preferable to ensure consistent and efficient weld production. A customized welding system was designed featuring a consistent, mechanically based welding guide system capable of rapidly and accurately producing fillet welds surrounding the anchor rods. The implementation of this automated welding setup will save in excess of 7000 man-hours on the project, and reduce the budget by over a half-million dollars.