2017 Call For Speakers

Increase your visibility throughout the welding and fabricating community by participating as a conference speaker at CanWeld 2017. This year the conference will be held in Montreal, Quebec on Sept 13-14, 2017.


Once again, the CWB Group and DMG Events have partnered up to being you another great event. This year’s Expo will feature live demonstrations, hands on activities and most importantly a platform to connect with industry professionals and leaders from all over Canada.

About the conference

  • The conference will bring together people from an extensive range of industry contributors such as educators, decision makers, influencers, suppliers and consultants. We will aim to provide environments for discussions around current trends and advances, welding and joining, health and safety, business prospects, condition monitoring and so much more.
  • Delegates attending the conference will be drawn from a wide range of industries including mining, oil and gas, pipelines, power generation, petrochemical, fabrication and construction, manufacturing, steel and shipbuilding, pulp and paper and others.

Participate as a speaker

For the 2017 conference we are looking for knowledgeable speakers on a range of topics relating to:

  • Welding Technology: innovation and research in welding processes, alloys, technologies, and related processes (e.g. additive manufacturing, automation, and artificial intelligence)
  • Welding Fabrication: application of welding to the creation of things such as bridges, buildings, cars, and pipelines.
  • Business of Welding: knowledge of current opportunities, challenges, and important facts of the market related to welding technologies and welding fabrication.
  • Welding Inspection: practical applications, research, innovation, etc.

Topics should be applicable to the industry by including examples of real world applications, required equipment and training, measurability and opportunities with the current or future Canadian welding and fabricating industry in mind.

Interested in participating?

We encourage you to submit an abstract for the topic(s) you would like to speak about. Please keep in mind that the conference is intended as a non-commercial environment so while you can reference specific brands, products and services as part of your presentation, the presentation must not be a commercial or direct endorsement. Abstracts should clearly outline the value of the associate presentation in terms of the information to be delivered as well as any specific knowledge takeaways for the audience

Topics to consider include:

  • Welding processes, techniques, equipment and applications
  • Fabrication process, techniques, equipment and applications
  • Structural integrity and inspection
  • Material handling, corrosion, coatings, preparation
  • Material sourcing and supply chain management
  • Robotic and automation
  • Quality systems and quality assurance
  • Codes, standards and regulatory issues
  • Business best practices (financing, insurance, etc.)
  • Finding and securing business (domestic and international)
  • Staff recruitment, best practices and assessment

Abstract Submission Deadline Dates:

Last date for abstracts submissions: June 15, 2017

Notification of acceptance: July 15, 2017

Last date for white paper submission: Aug 11, 2017

PowerPoint presentation submission :Aug 11, 2017


Abstract must be submitted in Microsoft Word format conforming to the following criteria:

  • 200-300 words or less in length provide sufficient detail for a fair assessment of the work to be presented. Information about the target audience and key learning delivered should be included at the top of each abstract.
  • All abstracts must include authors’ names and contact information along with a high resolution photograph and an approximately 100 word biography.

Selection Process:

  • Abstracts that have a wide audience appeal or address a specific widely known problem in the industry will get priority. We also strongly encourage submissions relating to work taking place within Canada, although all submissions are welcome. Each selected abstract will be allotted a 30 minute time slot and will require a final whitepaper and associated PowerPoint to be provided at least 1 month prior to the conference.


If your Abstract is selected we will require a detailed white paper to be delivered. White papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format and conform to the following criteria:

  • Not to exceed 15 pages, 11 point Arial font, 1.5 line spacing
  • Speaker details: Name, Job Title, Company and contact information (including email)
  • Copyright status: Indicating ownership of material, noting any prior publication(s)
  • Material must be submitted in electronic format to Sharan Bains: [email protected].



Abstracts selected for presentation will require an associated Microsoft PowerPoint which is not to exceed the allocated 30 minute time slot. Audio and video elements are allowed as long as they are embedded into the PowerPoint document.


All material submitted must clearly indicate ownership and any use in prior publication(s). Material presented at the conference will be republished by the CWB Group. Material releases will be provided to all presenters prior to the conference.